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If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone directly about our program, please contact Christina Sampson, MS, Administrative Director, or call (281) 348-3320.

How to apply

Applications will be accepted via ERAS only and requires participation in the NRMP. ERAS# 1104800220

Welcome Letter from Program Director

Welcome to the HCA Houston Healthcare/University of Houston Kingwood Emergency Medicine Program. In joining us here at HCA Kingwood, you will be given a truly unique career opportunity beyond just developing your own skills as a physician, but helping to build and shape a program that will create a lasting impact on the Houston medical community for years to come. As a part of this program, you will also have an opportunity to see the beginning of a brand new medical school at the University of Houston College of Medicine. You are also joining HCA, the largest sponsor of Graduate Medical Education in the country with over 270 programs and 4,000 residents and fellows in training.

My goal as program director is to develop an emergency medicine residency program dedicated to the highest quality and the most compassionate patient care. While all emergency medicine residency programs share a commitment to their patients, for me, it is much more personal and the foundation of my career. I completed my residency, fellowship, and the first years of my career at a county hospital treating the underserved and I am bringing that commitment to community service to our new program. Here, we will not forget that what truly matters is the community that we serve and that we love. Our mission here is to provide that best care for our community at the bedside! We love going the extra mile for our patients across the spectrum of severity and illness from airway to ear infection. At HCA Kingwood, even when our emergency room is busy, bustling and sometimes chaotic, exceptional patient care is our top priority.

My experiences and education have enabled me to develop innovative and immersive ways to best teach emergency medicine residents and how to provide excellent compassionate care with a special emphasis on airway education. I have the experience myself of having graduated from an inaugural residency class, so I understand first hand all the work necessary to build a new residency program and how important it is to involve residents in that process, doing great work and enjoying the creation and development of something new. I know this opportunity will give you exciting opportunities in your education. During this experience, I developed a special passion for and emphasis on airway treatment and this is an essential skill I look forward to helping you develop as well. the incredible work but great fun it is to build a new residency program from the ground floor.

My additional training in medical education has allowed me to help create innovative curricula. I plan for our residency education to be individually based. I commit to working with you to identify your needs and talents and then designing a personalized educational system to help you become a strong and compassionate physician With all of the challenges we will face growing and developing our program together, I commit working alongside you to make our program uniquely suited to meet your personal development and growth needs. We will have the opportunity to work together and get to know each other as well as other colleagues as we discover your strengths as a physician. Come join us!

Shane Jenks, MD, MEd, FACEP

Program Curriculum and Schedule

List of leadership and faculty

  • Program Director: Shane Jenks, MD
  • Associate Program Director: Adrienne Madison, MD- Emergency Medicine/ Simulation
  • Core Faculty and Department Chair: Anita Datta, MD- Emergency Medicine/ Ultra Sound

Core Faculty

  • Rasheed Lawal, DO-Emergency Medicine
  • Jameson Bowels, DO- Emergency Medicine
  • Shih-Chin Chou, MD- Emergency Medicine
  • Eric Lopez, MD- Emergency Medicine
  • Jamal Rahimi, MD- Emergency Medicine/ Research


  • Kavita Mahajan-Merritt, DO- Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Arielle Lofton, MD- Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Salman Alim, MD-Critical Care Medicine (ICU)
  • Edward Baptista, MD-Cardiology