Dear Applicant,

We are proud and privileged to be among the most advanced medical training programs in the world. Do not think of this as “just a transitional year program” but rather think of it as a very important link between medical school and your future specialty training!

We will provide you with the experience, guidance and knowledge necessary to become a well-rounded, confident and productive member of our medical community. Our training site is one of the busiest in the city serving a community rich in diversity with a broad spectrum of common, and at times, unusual pathologic processes.

Houston is renowned for having the largest medical center in the world with more than 54 institutions and 21 different hospitals. It has given birth to world-renowned specialists and pioneers in the fields of medicine and medical research.

Join us in upholding this legacy of excellence with the pioneering of our new Transitional Year Residency Program at HCA Houston Healthcare West in affiliation with our newest medical college at The University of Houston.

Learn to navigate a large private institution and the complexities of our medical system all while incorporating county resources and acting as a cost-conscious advocate for your patients. It is our belief that the basis of medicine is embedded in fundamental clinical skills and we will help you build upon those to provide the best care for your patients and our community.

We have developed a curriculum that integrates all ACGME Competencies into a supportive, balanced and relaxed learning environment where you are given a voice and encouraged to advocate on behalf of your patients as well as your own learning experience.

Take charge of medicine and feel free to incorporate your background, your life experiences and your knowledge in helping us achieve the best for our community while laying a strong foundation that will help prepare you for your future specialty training.


Bryan Kharbanda, MD

Program Director