Senior health

HCA Houston Healthcare understands the specialized care that the seniors in our community need. As you age, your body changes. We are here to address the tasks and challenges that come along with aging. Our highly trained physicians and nursing staff work with you to understand your individual needs and identify the treatment options that will best improve your quality of life.

Our hospitals provide expert healthcare to seniors through inpatient and outpatient treatment options. In the hospital, we offer the following services to provide safe, comfortable care for seniors.

  • Fall prevention measures
    • Video camera monitoring
    • Bed alarms
  • Beds that are low to the ground

Specialized programs for seniors

HCA Houston offers designated senior services program.

  • Senior-friendly care environment
  • Preventive screenings and disease intervention
  • Educational programs
    • Eating well
    • Fitness
    • Fall prevention
    • Advance directives
  • Support groups

Bone density testing

Falls are concerning for older adults because of their bone density levels. Low bone density levels increase a person’s risk for breaking or fracturing a bone. Osteoporosis is associated with low levels and can be diagnosed through a bone density test. It is common for people to lose bone density as they age, and it is recommended to receive bone density tests at 65 years old.

At HCA Houston, our comprehensive diagnostic services offer bone density testing, including DEXA or bone densitometry. Identifying osteoporosis early allows us to provide the care and caution you need to prevent fractures and breaks.