Corpus Christi Medical Center Experiences Two Harveys



Irma Rodriguez was eight months pregnant when she started feeling sharp pains in her lower back. Her four eldest children were preparing to leave Corpus Christi for Dallas, hoping to escape Hurricane Harvey. Irma, her husband, and their two youngest sons would stay behind.

Rodriguez assured her oldest daughter she was fine – after all, the baby wasn’t due for another month, and all her previous labor pains had been in her abdomen, not her back. She kissed her children goodbye and wished them a safe trip.

The next day, the pains were worse. Concerned, Rodriguez went to her husband and said she couldn’t take the pain anymore. They had to go to the hospital. "My husband pointed outside to the wind and rain and said, 'Are you serious?' But I knew something wasn’t right."

Irma, her husband, and their two youngest children got into their truck and headed for Corpus Christi Medical Center.

"It was so windy and ugly outside," Rodriguez remembered. "When we got to the hospital, the wind was pressing on my door so hard I couldn’t open it. My husband had to get out and pull it open while I pushed before it opened enough for us to get out of the truck." Within minutes, the wind broke all of the windows in the truck.

Inside the hospital, Rodriguez was checked in and examined. As she suspected, she was in active labor. However, the baby was in a breech position and couldn’t be turned. For the first time, Rodriguez would be forced to have a c-section.

"I wasn’t scared, because I knew I was in good hands," she said. "But then right before the doctor went to cut into my stomach, the lights went off! I yelled, 'Don’t cut me!' The doctor laughed and said they wouldn’t. Within just a couple of seconds, the generator kicked in and the lights came on. From then on, it was a pretty ordinary birth."

Gestational diabetes meant that, even though the baby was a month early, he still weighed seven pounds and was over 18 inches long.

The Rodriguez family hadn’t settled on a name yet, and one of the nurses suggested Harvey, as he was born just as the eye of the storm made landfall just north of the city. Irma thought it was perfect.

"Let me tell you, his name suits him!" she laughed. "This kid is a whirlwind. He’s everywhere. He loves to play rough with his older brothers, he’s very independent, and he’s huge! He weighs about 23 pounds now, because he eats absolutely everything." Harvey wasn’t always so robust, however. Before he was a month old, he began suffering respiratory infections that necessitated multiple trips to the hospital.

Finally, at three and a half months old, Harvey had to be admitted into the hospital, where he spent three weeks in the ICU being treated for rhinovirus and lung and respiratory infections. "Since then, however, Harvey has been awesome," said his proud mother. "He wants to walk but he’s still a little scared. But I fully expect him to be tearing around here on two legs soon. I can barely keep up with him crawling!"

Corpus Christi Medical Center is planning to hold a first birthday party for Harvey, plus his family will hold a private party for him, as well. "Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe we had some scary moments with him," said Rodriguez. "He’s a rough and tough boy already, and I can’t imagine loving anything more than we love our Harvey."