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COVID-19 and Pregnancy - An Update for our Patients

We would like to take this opportunity to update you about your maternity care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and assure you that our dedicated team of expert nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to providing safe and effective care to every patient who walks through our doors.

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At HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest, we understand the importance of having an experienced team by your side during childbirth. Our labor and delivery team cares for all your needs through the collaboration of our team doctors, registered nurses, operating room technicians, certified nurses' assistants and childbirth educators.

We have an anesthesiologist and neonatologists in-house 24 hours a day in order to provide round-the-clock care for you and your newborn. Our onsite designated Level III NICU is always prepared if your baby needs special care due to premature birth or illness.

Maternity center and services

Your relaxation and comfort are of the utmost importance to provide the best birth experience possible. Our maternity department is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, through:

  • Private labor and delivery suites
  • Qualified, caring nursing staff
  • Concierge room for the comfort of family members
  • Private postpartum suites
  • Free Internet access
  • Plasma screen television
  • Convenient nursery with special viewing area
  • Onsite designated Level III NICU
If you would like to learn more about our labor and delivery services, or you would like to schedule a tour of our maternity department, please call (281) 318-4260.

High risk pregnancy care

If you have diabetes, a heart condition, high blood pressure or another health condition, you may be at a higher risk of developing complications before, during and/or after pregnancy. HCA Houston Northwest offers specialized care for high risk pregnancies, close to home. Our skilled nurses work closely with your doctor to deliver quality care to you and your baby.


Giving birth to a sick or premature baby is a very hard and stressful time for any parent. You can rest assured that our NICU at HCA Houston Northwest is prepared and equipped with everything you need to get your newborn healthy and ready to go home. If your baby requires extra medical attention, they will go straight from the delivery room to our Level III NICU.

Newborn Screening Program

Our Newborn Screening Program is designed to identify and detect any possible health problems of newborns as soon after birth as possible. Our program conducts an initial test about two days after birth and we recommend a follow up screening seven to 14 days after birth. Our program is able to provide preventive care and hearing screenings for your newborn.

Preventive Care

If your child has a health problem, acting early is important. If your health care provider asks you to bring your baby in for a follow-up test, do so as soon as possible. To help us help you:

  • Be sure to give your correct address and phone number to the hospital or health care provider.
  • If you don't have a telephone, leave the phone number of a friend, relative or neighbor with the health care provider or hospital.
  • If you move soon after your baby is born, let your health care provider know right away, so he or she can reach you if your child needs a follow-up test.

Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is important for your newborn baby because it is one of the most common birth disabilities. Language learning starts at birth, so if your baby can't hear, learning to speak will be difficult. If you find hearing loss early, your baby can get help. Also, if you start before your baby is 6 months old, he or she may learn language like babies who do not have hearing loss.

After your baby's hearing is screened, you'll be given either a "Pass" or a "Refer" result. "Pass" means that your baby can hear well enough to learn language. It's important to keep track of how your baby's language develops. Sometimes, hearing problems develop later in a baby's development.

"Refer" means that your baby needs to have more testing. Refer does not mean that your baby definitely has hearing loss. It does mean that it's important to test your baby again. The hospital or your baby's health care provider will help you get this testing.

To find out more about the newborn screening program, or any of our maternity care services, call (855) 997-7246.

Labor and delivery at HCA Houston Healthcare

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your partner in care, we provide a customized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

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