At HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center, we offer comprehensive orthopedic care for those suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions, including joint and muscle pain, hand and foot pain, and sports-related injuries. Our goal is to help patients get back to performing daily activities quickly, and safely, through advanced pain management, rehabilitation services and pre-surgery education and conditioning.

Our experts work with your primary care physician to get you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle. Our team includes high-skilled orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, case managers and more.

Houston Medical Center orthopedic services

From diagnosis to rehabilitation, we deliver high-quality services to prevent and address injuries and conditions affecting the bones, joints, muscles and spine. If surgery is needed, we provide minimally-invasive procedures and techniques, including arthroscopy, for faster recovery and shorter hospital stays.

  • Joint care: Our orthopedists may recommend surgery for bone and joint conditions that do not respond to conservative treatments. Some of these procedures may include total and partial knee replacement, hip replacement and shoulder replacement. We provide pre-operative education classes which allow patients and their families to learn about joint replacement surgery and the recovery process.
  • Spine care: Some spinal conditions can be treated using non-invasive methods. For those that require surgery, our spine experts have extensive experience in performing procedures with advanced technique, including disc replacement, discectomy and spinal fusion.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation: Patients receive physical therapy and pain management, if needed, for several days while they remain in the hospital following surgery. In preparation for the return home, a home assessment may be conducted to help promote continued safety at home. In most cases, patients will be placed on a schedule of outpatient therapy once discharged from the hospital.

Whether you have severe arthritis, joint or spine pain, you can count on our team to get you moving again. We invite you to learn more about our services or find an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic care at HCA Houston Healthcare

Orthopedic doctors, called orthopedists, take care of bones and joints. This includes knee pain, total joint replacement, issues that impact your spine and more. You might need to see an orthopedist if you have arthritis or osteoporosis, or if you've had a recent sprain, strain or broken bone.

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