Whether you’re a student athlete or pro competitor, weekend warrior or active senior, HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress is committed to helping you get back in the game.

Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers and other sports-related specialists work together to create individualized treatment plans to help you achieve the best possible outcome following injury or surgery and improve sports performance.

Our patients have access to a full range of advanced rehabilitation treatments and athletic training programs, including comprehensive diagnostic imaging and evaluation capabilities for sports medicine, an outpatient surgery center and nutritional services. Additionally, we specialize in treating and rehabilitating work-related injuries and women's health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our sports medicine and rehabilitation services are provided at two locations: The Sports Medicine Center located on the HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress campus and our Sports Medicine and Rehab Center located at Towne Lake.

North Cypress sports medicine and rehabilitation services

At HCA Houston North Cypress, we offer a wide range of treatment programs and the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic and training equipment to get our athletes off of the sidelines. This includes anti-gravity treadmills and computerized strength and balance equipment. At our 7,000-square-foot main campus location, we also offer an aquatic therapy pool equipped with an underwater treadmill.

  • Aquatic rehabilitation (main campus only): Our program helps facilitate recovery while easing pressure on joints and muscles for patients with weight-bearing or mobility restrictions.
  • Concussion management: We offer post-concussion rehabilitation, which includes the evaluation of your cervical/thoracic spine as well as your core/postural strength. Additionally, it includes the assessment of your ability to track objects and your eye movements for reading and writing. Our team of experts will also evaluate your balance, which is commonly affected after a concussion.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation: Following an evaluation, we create individualized treatment plans for your specific needs. This may include a combination of modalities and techniques, including functional training and progression, gait training, electrical stimulation, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy techniques and thermotherapy.
  • Return-to-sport: From knee functional assessments for injured soccer players to throwing analyses for pitchers following an elbow or shoulder injury, we evaluate every aspect of your injury and help you return to the game safely.
  • Spine treatment: We offer a comprehensive spine treatment program individually designed to decrease pain, improve motion and increase strength. Treatment options may include manual therapy techniques, aquatic therapy, strengthening and range of motion exercises as well as education on body mechanics and posture.

Physician referral is required for sports medicine and rehabilitation services. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please call (832) 912-6330 (Main Campus) or (832) 773-6400 (Towne Lake).

Sports medicine at HCA Houston Healthcare

Physicians specializing in sports medicine help with injuries related to sports, fitness and exercise. They can diagnose and treat injuries to the muscle, ligament, bone and tendon. Common reasons to see them include concussion, ACL tears, shin splints and muscles strains, among others.

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