HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake offers comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies in the Houston Bay Area.

A pregnancy may be considered high-risk for a variety of reasons including existing health conditions, maternal age, lifestyle, multiple pregnancy, and health issues that happen before or during pregnancy. If these types of complications occur, our multidisciplinary team has the training and experience necessary to provide highly specialized, individualized care. Our team includes maternal-fetal medicine specialists, board certified obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, perinatal navigators, and other high–risk pregnancy specialists.

We work closely with each woman to decide how to best manage care for her and her baby throughout pregnancy, during delivery, and after birth. Our hospital has an antepartum unit with private rooms where mom and baby can be closely monitored. As a Level IIIb neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), our facility is specifically designed to care for babies born before the 26th week of gestation. In addition, we provide our high-risk patients with genetic screening, diagnostic testing, and specialized fetal care.

Clear Lake high–risk pregnancy care

HCA Houston Clear Lake offers comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care guided by perinatal navigators who ensure that pregnant women identified as high-risk either because of a mom or fetal issue receive the necessary support and education before, during, and after delivery.

These specially trained nurses provide emotional support and help educate patients about their diagnosis, coordinate specialist appointments, and have regular touch points to answer any questions or concerns. When it comes time to give birth, they will facilitate hospital readiness for a patient's arrival and follow up after delivery with specialists or other needs.

In the case of emergency, or if a higher level of maternal or neonatal care is needed, HCA Houston AirLIFE provides transport to HCA Houston Clear Lake as well as other facilities that provide the appropriate advanced care.

Other services that can support specialized needs throughout high risk pregnancies include:

Perinatal navigation

Navigating a high-risk pregnancy can feel overwhelming. The perinatal navigators at HCA Houston Clear Lake have the sole focus of providing you with extra care to support your unique pregnancy and delivery experience.

Utilizing a collaborative approach to care, our perinatal navigators partner with you, your family, your obstetrician and your team of specialists to provide the safest possible outcome for you and your baby. They ensure you receive the necessary support and specialized education for your unique pregnancy journey.

Your perinatal navigator is your personal guide through your pregnancy. They will help develop a personalized care plan with a team of medical experts, coordinate appointments with specialists, facilitate communication between you and your doctors, advocate for your and your baby’s wellness, and offer you and your family the resources and emotional support you need.

No matter what condition you may be facing, we are here to support you every step of the way. We are fully committed to a high-quality, family-centered pregnancy and delivery for you and your baby. For more information or to be referred to our perinatal navigator, please call (281) 338-3346.

If you are considering delivering at HCA Houston Clear Lake, we invite you to learn more about our labor and delivery services, tour our women's services facility, or find an OB/GYN for high-risk pregnancy. In addition, we offer women's health services related to breast health and gynecology.