A woman’s health serves as the bedrock for the entire family. Whether a woman is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, needs gynecological surgery or an annual mammogram, HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood offers a wide range of expert, compassionate healthcare for women of all ages.

Along with routine gynecological and obstetrical/maternity care, our women’s health services include:

  • Maternity and newborn care. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide specialty services including:
    • High-risk pregnancy (Antepartum)
    • Lactation Support Services
    • Newborn Nursery
    • The Obstetrical Emergency Department
    • Postpartum Care
    • Neonatal intensive care (NICU)
  • Breast care, including breast cancer screening through mammography, breast ultrasound or breast MRI.
  • Gynecology
  • Imaging, including bone-density tests
  • Surgery

Women & Children’s Center

Our Women & Children's Center provides one seamless point of access to advanced healthcare for families in the Northeast Houston area. This $80 million investment in our community offers maternity and newborn care as well as a dedicated pediatric unit.

Request a guided tour of our labor and delivery unit, our nurseries and our postpartum units by calling (800) 258-5064.


Most babies are born healthy. But, when problems arise, the expert neonatologists and specially trained nurses in our NICU provide comprehensive, around-the-clock care to newborns who need extra support and attention.

The Obstetrical Emergency Department

The OBED is located at the Women & Children's Center at Kingwood in the South Tower (South East), and houses an in-hospital OB/GYN 24/7 (or OB Hospitalist). This physician evaluates women with obstetric issues, consults with the patient's primary physician or OB/GYN, and is ready for any obstetric emergency that might arise.

Women's care at HCA Houston Healthcare

Women’s care focuses on preventive care, in addtion to the treatment of physical diseases and disorders affecting women. This can refer to any disease, like heart disease or gynecologic cancers. Women’s care also focuses on female body changes, like puberty and menopause.

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