September 13, 2017

(Front)Uchenne Mbaraonye,Jill Hilden,Soumya Tippireddy,Sanna Husain,Kelsi Curnow,Swati Somuri,Jeanna Bamburg,CEO,Shaine Powers.(Back) Johnathan Jimenez, Theodore Schnitzler,James Hubley,Erik Pearson,Gurpreet Sarwan,Beau Kirkwood & Garrett Morgan.

Pasadena, Texas, Aug. 22, 2017 - Bayshore Medical Center welcomes its first class of 18 medical students from Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM) in Harrogate, Tennessee. Physicians and staff are looking forward to working with them and being a part of their medical school education.

Third and fourth year medical school students began rotations at Bayshore Medical Center July 24. Clinical rotations allow medical students to progress out of the classroom and lab into clinical scenarios for the many service lines we offer at the hospital. Under the direct supervision of physicians, the

medical students interview and examine patients, review clinical information, make hospital rounds, participate in interdisciplinary team meetings, practice appropriate documentation and perform procedures.

The Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM) students are very enthusiastic to make a difference and bring new energy to the hospital. Their medical training consists of four years of graduate school, which includes the first two years focused on classroom and lab studies. The final two years are their actual hands-on training, which is what they hope to experience here at Bayshore Medical Center and gain exposure to the many different service lines we offer such as Obstetrics/Gynecology, General Surgery and Cardiology.

"Bayshore Medical Center is committed to providing opportunities for the medical students to learn and contribute to caring for our patients," said Jeanna Bamburg, Bayshore Medical Center chief executive officer.

“We believe that hospitals that teach tend to be better,” said Bamburg. “This is a journey of education for these young people that are devoting their lives to the care of others. Exposing these students to the quality of life here in the Pasadena community, it is our hope that many of our graduates will remain local, providing compassionate, patient-centered care for the underserved in our communities.”

The students from LMU-DCOM can add to the culture here at Bayshore Medical Center with their enthusiasm, vitality, and build diverse interests at our facility. The Pasadena area will also see a positive impact as they support the local economy living and dining in the area.

LMU-DCOM medical student Uchenne Mbaraonye went on to speak about the Pasadena community, “The community has been supportive and welcoming, which has made the transition easier. In my current rotation in Geriatric Psychiatry, I have learned that the physician-patient relationship is the key to treatment.”

“Taking the time to slow down and engage with psychiatric patients is important. It has opened my eyes to realize that they were living a normal life and are now in a vulnerable stage. It is up to us as medical providers to help them get back to being a healthier and mentally stable person. It reminds me of the quotes from Abraham Varghese ‘I think we learn from medicine everywhere that it is, at its heart, a human endeavor, requiring good science but also a limitless curiosity and interest in your fellow human being, and that the physician-patient relationship is key; all else follows from it.’ This program is teaching us to be competent and compassionate caregivers" said Mbaraonye.

LMU-DCOM Chief Medical Student Kelsi Curnow discussed her pediatric rotation with Dr. Ashu Syal as being “Challenging and rewarding at the same time. Dr. Syal has really taken me under her wing to learn more about Pediatrics. She has changed the way of how I thought a medical diagnosis and prognosis might work for everyone to thinking differently about each individual patient’s needs and care.”

Curnow continued to add “I am really glad I chose Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena, Texas, as the site for clinical rotations. It is the third largest site out of the 24 offered. I am looking forward to learning at Bayshore Medical Center.”

Another student from LMU-DCOM James Hubley who grew up in Madisonville, Texas, discussed more about the opportunity mentioning, "This is the opportunity that we have been fortunate to have as students as we learn more about clinical medicine. Many of us have grown up in communities similar to Pasadena and it is an honor to have a hand in serving this community."

The medical students began their clinical rotations July 24. To learn more about the LMU-DCOM program, contact Sarah DeSantiago, Bayshore Medical Center medical student coordinator, at 713-359-1010.

LMU Medical Student James Hubley treating a patient at Bayshore Medical Center.

LMU Student Kelsi Curnow pictured with Dr. Ashu Syal and patient.

LMU Students Uchenne Mbaraonya and Garrett Morgan pictured with Bayshore Medical Staff.

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