At HCA Houston Healthcare, we put our power behind patient-focused heart care at 11 locations across the Greater Houston area. Here, we provide nationally-recognized care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

We lead the greater Houston area with 11 accredited Chest Pain Centers recognized by the American College of Cardiology. Our chest pain centers provide diagnostic procedures, medical and surgical treatments, and rehabilitation and support for recovering patients. In addition, our network of care includes the only exclusive heart hospital south of the Texas Medical Center, state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs, electrophysiology programs, and cardiac rehabilitation programs.

HCA Houston cardiology services

We provide patients with a broad continuum of heart and vascular care, from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and support for healthy living. Our heart care teams customize each patient's treatment program to suit their individual needs and situation, including a combination of inpatient and outpatient services. Whether you need care for heart disease or have suffered a heart attack, HCA Houston Healthcare offers a full range of cardiac services.

Cardiac emergency care

From Cleveland to Clear Lake, HCA Houston Healthcare offers over 20 sites for emergency care across the Greater Houston area. We are dedicated to significantly reducing the mortality rate of patients who visit emergency rooms with chest pain.

Our 11 accredited Chest Pain Centers provide heart attack patients with high-quality, efficient, cardiovascular care. These facilities offer a wide range of services including several cardiac catheterization labs and comprehensive heart tests and screenings. In addition, HCA Houston ER 24/7, our freestanding emergency care centers, provide emergency cardiac care and will facilitate admission to the hospital if more advanced care is needed.

Cardiac rehabilitation

We provide cardiac rehabilitation programs at nine of our HCA Houston locations. These programs help heart patients on their journey to better heart health after a cardiac event such as heart attack, heart surgery, angioplasty/stent, heart failure or peripheral arterial disease.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, cardiac rehabilitation includes physical activity, nutritional education, stress management, and risk reduction education. These specialized programs can help increase exercise tolerance, decrease cardiac symptoms, improve stress management, and promote overall health.

Heart and vascular surgery

We offer nationally recognized cardiovascular surgery closer to home at nine of our locations. Our offering of heart and vascular surgeries, interventional procedures and non-interventional procedures, and more help diagnose and treat cardiac disease across our communities. In addition, we provide patients with a wide variety of heart and vascular surgeries using the latest minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques, which may lead to a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

Heart screening and imaging

HCA Houston Healthcare provides patients with comprehensive heart imaging services from specialists dedicated to properly diagnosing and preventing heart disease. We provide both invasive and noninvasive imaging procedures utilizing the latest diagnostic technologies, including state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs, cardiac electrophysiology labs, and more.