Receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis can be frightening and life-changing, but having access to timely treatment, high quality care and cutting-edge tests and treatments can make all the difference.

Through our dedicated, multidisciplinary team, we provide comprehensive cancer care in a supportive environment. Our team of oncologists, surgeons, certified oncology and chemotherapy nurses, radiologists and radiation oncologists all work together to create an individualized cancer treatment plan for you.

Types of cancer we treat

Our doctors are highly trained in many different fields of oncology, ensuring you receive the specialized care that is right for you. We provide treatment for the following:

Cancer screenings we offer

Preventive measures are a part of the cancer care services provided at HCA Houston Healthcare. We offer access to a wide range of screening and diagnostic services to identify cancer early, including:

Cancer treatment options

We partner with you, and together we'll create a personalized treatment plan we feel offers the best outcome and that you feel works for you and your family. The cancer treatment your doctor recommends varies depending on your age, risk factors, type of cancer and stage of cancer. In some cases, you may receive a combination of treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiation, medication or surgery.