Christina and her team show support for their team and fellow colleagues.

At HCA Houston Healthcare excellent people make excellence happen. And through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed an exceptional level of clinical and operational teamwork.

While this pandemic has brought a sense of uncertainty, one thing remains constant: the dedication of nurses to serving the needs of our community. We want to sincerely thank the incredible nurses at HCA Houston Healthcare who are going above and beyond to live out our mission every day that “above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.“

These inspiring HCA Houston Healthcare nurses are doing to support each other and go above and beyond in caring for patients and each other during this critical time.

Christina Zachariah, Neuroscience and Post-Surgical Nursing Director

cupcakesNurses play a very important role in fighting COVID-19. They are on the frontline of getting us through the pandemic. The gratitude we show them and they show each other is a constant reminder that they are not alone in making a difference.

To lift up team spirits during this difficult time, Christina and her colleagues at HCA Houston Healthcare West thought of a sweet way to support their team and fellow colleagues with a quick message via their GroupMe app.

“As a team, we had decided to put together a cupcake/salsa drive for our hero units to boost morale. We recognized that there was a real opportunity to brighten spirits in the midst of an evolving battle with COVID-19,” said Christina.

Each person donated funds, time, and talents to make something special for their team. Christina and her colleagues made over six dozen cupcakes, 30 handmade cards, and three tubs of peppered corn salsa for everyone on their unit.

“This was just our way to remind the team that we are all in this together.”

Ashanti Norris, Critical Care Nurse

Sandra Magdaleno receives a card from Ashanti Norris.During these unprecedented times, healthcare workers around the world are on the front lines working hard to protect and save as many lives as they can. Ashanti Norris, who has been a member of the HCA Healthcare Northwest family for four years, is one of those people.

Ashanti and her team are enduring long shifts during which they are dealing with a number of highs and lows. She recently noticed a decline in morale among her team and began looking for ways to lift their spirits.

Ashanti posted a message on Nextdoor, a social networking site for neighbors, asking her community for help.

“I created a post on the Nextdoor app and asked if parents had kids who were bored at home to create ’thank you’ cards for workers in the healthcare field,” said Ashanti. “The post exploded and we got an amazing response.”

She received more than 120 cards to share with her colleagues.

“It was an instant boost and it lingered for the entire week,” she said. “People were so excited to see the cards and they placed them on the unit floor. It really made them feel appreciated.”

The small gesture that put smiles on so many faces inspired her team to put together a committee that creates cards for other units within the facility. We are grateful for everyone who is helping spread joy and positivity during this difficult time.

Sarah Hebert, Cardiovascular Intermediate Unit Registered Nurse

Sarah Hebert helped boost morale with a special sweet treat.Sarah Hebert, a charge nurse at HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood, is used to leading her team through difficult times. Her unwavering commitment to her patients and her willingness to go the extra mile for others make her a Healthcare Hero.

As a leader for her team, Hebert has a good pulse on her team’s morale and recently recognized they needed a little pick-me-up to get them back on track.

“I just wanted to do something to help boost my department’s morale and brighten everyone’s day,” said Hebert. “I mentioned it to my dad who shared my idea with his dear friend who happens to be a local business owner. She called me to see what she could do to help me and that's how we decided that sweets usually do the trick.”

Hebert, her family friend, and Great American Cookies worked together to deliver 25 cookie cakes to hospital staff and EMS workers. The sweet treats helped lift their spirits and put smiles on so many faces during this stressful time.