Breast health screening and imaging

At HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center, we are committed to providing screening technology for women in order to maintain their breast health. Detecting breast cancer early can save lives. Our advanced mammography services are designed to aid in early detection, so you should feel confident in receiving your annual mammogram at HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center.

Mammography, whether standard film or digital, aids in the early detection of breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that at 40 years old women begin adding an annual mammogram to their annual clinical breast exam and monthly breast self-exams. Women between 20 and 39 years old should have a clinical breast exam every three years and perform a monthly breast self-exam

Digital mammography

Women who have their annual mammogram at HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center benefit from our digital mammography technology. 

Digital mammography is similar to digital photography. The digital mammography machine takes an electronic picture of the breast and sends it to a computer. There the image can be stored and viewed by physicians. Since the image is on a computer, doctors can use special software to zoom in on an area of concern.

Patients may notice the benefit of shorter wait times without having to compromise on image quality. The technologist does not have to develop and check the X-ray film, but instead can immediately view the image on a nearby computer screen.

Preparing for your mammogram

A mammogram is a simple X-ray exam that requires little preparation. You will be asked to undress from the waist up, so it is best to wear a loose fitting shirt rather than a dress. Avoid using deodorants, powder, ointments, creams or perfumes on your underarm or breast area.

Be sure to tell your doctor or technologist if you are pregnant or think you might be.

Mammogram scheduling

HCA Houston Medical Center’s centralized scheduling department will schedule your appointment and obtain any necessary pre-authorizations. They will also let you know about any financial obligations for which you may be responsible.

Our centralized scheduling department is available Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to schedule your mammography appointment. You can contact the centralized scheduling department at (855) 210-3570.

Breast health at HCA Houston Healthcare

Regular medical checkups are important for maintaining breast health in women, as screening is vital in the early detection of breast cancer. Doctors use mammograms, breast MRIs, ultrasounds and biopsies to examine breast tissue and check for lumps or other changes in the breast area.

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