HCA Houston Healthcare is proud to offer the Greater Houston area convenient access to Accredited Stroke Centers for fast, effective stroke care. When a person has a stroke, every minute matters. Rapid treatment is critical to decrease the chances of long-term disabilities or death.

A stroke is a medical emergency, and it occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted by a blocked artery (ischemic stroke) or a ruptured artery (hemorrhagic stroke). Some people may experience a “mini stroke,” called a transient ischemic attack (TIA). A TIA occurs when blood flow is temporarily cut-off, then restored.

The blood in your arteries carries oxygen to all parts of the body; however, if an area of the body is deprived of oxygen, those tissues or cells begin to die. This is why fast stroke care is essential.

Expert stroke treatment

Many of our Houston-area hospitals have received certification for high-quality stroke treatment. This means our facilities meet or exceed the standards of care that support the highest level of outcomes for stroke patients. The emergency rooms (ER) at our Certified Stroke Centers have highly skilled, multidisciplinary teams of cardiologists, neurologists, interventional neuro-radiologists and other specialists who quickly identify stroke symptoms and begin treatment.

If you believe someone is having a stroke, call 911 or take them to an emergency room immediately. If you believe you are having a stroke, call 911. Do not drive yourself to the ER.

Stroke rehabilitation

Many patients require rehabilitation as part of their recovery from stroke. Stroke rehabilitation helps patients relearn skills and movements that may have been lost due to the stroke. If the stroke causes a patient to have a long-term disability, rehabilitation helps the patient learn to live with that disability.

Our compassionate physical therapists and occupational therapists work with each patient to create a therapy regimen geared towards the patient’s long-term health.