Comprehensive stroke treatment

HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood is the only certified Comprehensive Stroke Center in Northeast Houston, meaning that we are able to provide the highest level of stroke care possible. In addition, our neurology program is a recipient of the American Stroke Association's Gold Plus and Target Honor Roll Elite and is stroke accredited by the DNV GL Healthcare USA, Inc.

  • DNV Certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center
  • American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award with Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite
  • Level I Stroke Center Designation by Texas Department of State Health Services

During a stroke, time lost is brain lost. That’s why the stroke neuro-interventional team at HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood follows American Stroke Association guidelines for rapid diagnosis and treatment in the first few hours after stroke symptoms start.

If you think you are experiencing a stroke, call 9-1-1 immediately.

The amount of damage the brain sustains is dependent on early detection of stroke symptoms. Also, it is important to report the time the symptoms began to the medical team.

Signs of a stroke

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel is blocked or is bleeding and interrupts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke is one of the biggest challenges of stroke awareness. If you or someone you know experiences the symptoms of a stroke, remember to act F.A.S.T.

  • F(ace): When the person smiles, notice whether or not one side of the face droops.
  • A(rms): Does one arm drift downward when the person tries to raise both arms?
  • S(peech): Can you understand the person when he/she tries to repeat a simple sentence?
  • T(ime): Time is important. If any of these symptoms are present, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Other signs of a stroke include sudden onset of confusion, loss of coordination walking or balancing, numbness or weakness on one side of the body, severe headache or vision problems in one or both eyes.

Stroke treatment

Treatment options for stroke patients are based on the type of stroke they’re experiencing.

  • An ischemic stroke is caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain – clearing that blockage and restoring the blood flow is critical to saving the brain
  • A hemorrhagic stroke is caused by bleeding in the brain, for example from a ruptured aneurysm

Neuroimaging in stroke treatment decisions

Emergency CT scanning is available 24/7 at HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood. Physicians use advanced 3D “road mapping” of the brain with high-resolution images to quickly determine the type of stroke and start providing care. Treatment may include a combination of medications, surgery and neuro-interventional procedures, including mechanical thrombectomy or thrombolysis for ischemic strokes and clipping or endovascular coiling for aneurysms.

  • Mechanical thrombectomy: A catheter delivers a small device right to the blood clot that has caused an ischemic stroke to either break up the clot or remove it, restoring blood flow to the affected area of the brain in a matter of minutes.
  • Clipping: A procedure to treat an aneurysm where a neurosurgeon creates a small incision in the skull (a craniotomy) to place a small metal clip where the aneurysm is bulging out, effectively cutting off the blood supply to the aneurysm and preventing it from bursting
  • Endovascular coiling: A minimally invasive treatment for an aneurysm that uses a catheter to deliver treatment instead of requiring an incision in the skull. A small metal wire (about the width of a human hair) is coiled into the aneurysm to fill the extra space and encourage blood to clot around the wire, keeping the blood from flowing into the aneurysm and causing it to burst.

Neurological rehabilitation

It’s not unusual for a stroke patient to need extra help during their recovery. Our hospital provides a comprehensive neurological and stroke rehab program, including speech therapy, physical therapy and other neurorehabilitation services, to help patients get back to their normal lives.

Stroke at HCA Houston Healthcare

A stroke is a medical emergency where blood flow to the brain is either reduced or stopped, depriving brain tissue of essential oxygen and nutrients. A stroke may cause loss in brain function and affect movement and speech.

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