HCA Houston Healthcare offers advanced sports medicine programs throughout Greater Houston. From injury assessments to return-to-sport rehabilitation, our sports medicine centers help athletes get back in the game safely.

Our Houston sports medicine teams consist of physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and other sports-related medical professionals. Whether you are a professional athlete or a high school athlete, HCA Houston has the healthcare staff and advanced technology necessary to help you improve skills, increase mobility and maximize endurance.

Sports medicine services

We are proud to offer a wide range of sports medicine services in Houston. Our sports medicine clinics offer:

Sports rehabilitation

HCA Houston offers sports rehabilitation for injured athletes, as well as return-to-play programs for athletes who have been discharged from physical therapy. Our return-to-play programs help athletes stay active between being discharged and starting back in the game. Regardless of your sport, our trainers customize a sports rehab regimen to you, your sport and the position you play.

Texas Sports Medicine Center

HCA Houston is proud to have Texas Sports Medicine Center (TSMC) within our network. Located on the campus of HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball, TSMC offers event medicine, athletic training, fitness classes, a full gym, personal training, physical therapy and more.

Professional baseball players and collegiate baseball players visit TSMC for advanced baseball training. Though TSMC is available for outpatient therapies, the gym and fitness memberships are available to the public.